Lombard Paving

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, anyone who knows me, has probably heard me comment about the state of the roads in NoPo. I love my North Portland community, and want only the best for it, but sometimes it feels like we’re put on the back burner. Road repair has always felt that way for me.

So, after all of my complaining, I decided to actually do something about it and write to someone about it. First I thought that it was a city thing and twittered Sam Adams about it. He told me that Lombard was an ODOT road and that he suggested that I contact them.

I found this nifty little feedback form on the ODOT site where you can send in your thoughts to the state. Glad that they have this – it shows a real commitment to listening to citizen comments. So, I wrote a little letter to them outlining my feelings about the state of Lombard between St Johns and I5, and never really expected to hear much back. I expected it to go into a little box where they check-marked the number of citizen complaints.

Well, count me wrong. Today I received an email back from Bob Walker at ODOT:

Thank you for your comments concerning the pavement condition on N.E. Lombard between the St. Johns Bridge and I-5.

The pavement in several areas of Lombard certainly does need repair. What is needed is a full width grinding out of the existing asphalt and placing back a new layer.

To do this would require several million dollars and unfortunately there is no such large project slated for Lombard in the near future. The section of Lombard between the St. Johns Bridge and I-5 is classified as a Urban Minor Arterial and has a much lower level of daily trips compared to other parts of the roadway system. As such, it is a lower priority for funding.

Our regular maintenance funds don’t allow for large scale projects. Last year ODOT North Portland Maintenance paved four areas on Lombard that we felt were the worst.

These areas were N.E. Fortune to Montieth, Greenwich to Interstate Ave., Polk to Alma and Portsmouth to Olin at a cost of $108,000.

If ODOT North Portland’s Maintenance can stay on track with its 2010 operating budget, we hope to repave another two or three of the worst areas this summer.

I wish I had better news on the future of Lombard Ave. but the hard fact is maintenance sections just do not have the funding available to do all the work that is needed.

Again thank you for your interest in the State Transportation system.

Bob Walker, District 2B Manager (Interim)
Oregon Department of Transportation

I was happy to get the letter.

That being said, I also know that the state has a large pot of money that they distribute around the state. I remember hearing a while back that a big chunk of the recent economic stimulus money was going to go to widen a highway out by Sun River. My first thought was of course about why they were more deserving than my beloved NoPo community? Isn’t Sun River a resort community? You get my feelings of inequity.

Well, I can only hope that we get some more of the pot to take care of Lombard. Maybe if we’re the squeaky wheel we can get more attention. Please drop your comments to ODOT here. If you’re polite, I bet that at very least you’ll get a letter from Bob too.

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What anchors do during the commercial breaks

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I saw this today and it’s entirely worth sharing. It’s from Chicago’s WGN weekend news team. They have been apparently working together for years and made up this little dance routine that they do during their first 2 minute commercial break. I must say that I was mesmerized.

There’s a short interview with Robert Jordan about the routine here.

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2009 Grammy Awards – why oh why Neil

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, I’ve had the Grammy Awards on in the background all night. It’s been occassionally entertaining. Of course, overall, I have a lack of appreciation for most popular music these days. It’s no surprise. I haven’t liked mainstream music much since I bought my first punk LP in high school.

I have one criticism that I’d like to lay out there about the performance by a man whom I’ve seen live. Heck, I saw him in my youth with my parents at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis back in the 80s. Yup, it’s Mr. Neil Diamond.

I for one was rather depressed when I saw his performance at the Grammys. He’s got an amazing voice, and while it might not be what it was back in his heyday, he’s at least still got one that he can use. When he talked his way through ‘Sweet Caroline’ it just made me depressed. He should be able to do much better than that. Good lord, Neil. It’s a great honot to perform at these events. Step up to the plate for gosh sakes.

Oh well, I’m still a fan. Will probably still go see Super Diamond the next time they swing through town. The ‘real’ Neil is way too expensive for my budget these days. And heck, if he’s going to walk his way through one of my favorite sing-a-longs, I would have been depressed to have shelled out so much for a ticket anyway.

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Sign of the economic times

January 23, 2009 Leave a comment

OK, so here’s something that I’ve noticed over the past two weeks. When I try to access LinkedIn in the evenings, I’ve been met head on with extremely long load times. That is even if I ever get a page on their site to reload.

Yeah, I’m willing to bet that everyone in the Pacific time zone is spending time after work burnishing their resume.

Heck, I just came across this list of 6 things that you shouldn’t do in a resume today. While I can see the points being made in this post, I have to say that I don’t necessarily agree wholeheartedly. There are word recognition software algorithms that are run on resumes, and while it might read as a more unique and special resume if you make the requested changes, you might miss out being picked up by the HR department’s resume scanner… Not a risk that I’m willing to take in these times.

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Long list of stats from Harpers

January 20, 2009 1 comment

I found this huge list of statistics over on the Harpers Index today. The one that stood out as the most egregious to me was the statistic on the amount of time that President GW Bush spent on vacation, or traveling to get to his vacations.

  • Portion of his (GW Bush’s) presidency he has spent at or en route to vacation spots: 1/3

That just made me sick to see. Especially in light of his comment last week where he said (I paraphrase)

“You may not have agreed with all of the decisions that I made, but you’ll have to agree that at least I had the courage to make them.”

It surprises me that he was even around enough to “make” any decisions at all. And considering that it’s his job to make decisions, I don’t really need to give him any credit at all for that. Bah. His last week being the president, and he still has the ability to make me angry.

I’m all inspired after today’s inaugural speech, so hopefully many of these negative thoughts will go by the wayside.

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Shaq is on Twitter

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

shaq twitters it upYup, looks like Shaquille O’Neil is now using the micro-blogging tool Twitter:


Looks to be almost as fun as following Darth Vader:


Hey Shaq how about another batch of McDonald’s Fries? Yummmmmm.

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Foggy Day Dangers

November 17, 2008 1 comment

It’s once again a foggy morning in Portland. I love them. It feels so cool and crisp when I walk out of the front door of my house, and I love the cold, moist air rushing into my lungs.

One thing that I’d like to request of all other Portland residents on these mornings. I’d like to ask that on these mornings everyone drive with their lights ON. I know that it isn’t necessary for you to see where you’re going, but it’s critical for everyone else on the road to see you. I had a couple of scares this morning where I almost merged into some gray cars on the freeway that didn’t have their lights on.

So, for the safety of all of us, help me out here, turn your headlights on.

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