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Note to Tri-Met: Tab A must fit Slot B

Took my car in to get fixed yesterday, and the repair shop is nice enough to provide free MAX tickets to get me to and from work while the car is in the shop. Problem is, well, these tickets don’t fit into the validators on the MAX platforms! On my way to the office, one validator was broken, and the other, after 5 minutes of stuffing folding and such, the train came and I had to get going – without being able to validate my ticket. Fortunately, I wasn’t approached by the MAX ticket police. I definitely would have had words with them about the sorry state of their technology, and how I’d tried to do the right thing.

On the way back to the repair shop, I got to the platform just as the train arrived. Yet, unfortunately, I had the same situation with the ticket not fitting into the slot. While fiddling with it, I missed the my scheduled train. Yay.

There were about 5 yellow jacket Tri-Met police there, who I asked for assistance. They were very polite, but in effect they told me that these tickets were badly designed and that you had to “rip them to make them fit into the machines.” Yeah, that’s a great solution. I can see Grandma Jones with her arthritis trying to tear an eighth of an inch off of the side of her ticket.

It took long enough to validate this stupid little ticket.

It’s a basic principle of good design here. You’ve got to design your product to fit the need. Somewhere along the way this design process broke down – the graphic designer, printer and validator manufacturer should have all caught this. Time to fix it Tri-Met.

  1. pete
    June 17, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    They need to just have a machine that can take tickets and pop out a validated transfer. I have difficult time trying to read some of those. Some people try and triple punch it to where you can’t read it at all. I try giving everyone the benefit of doubt. Yeah that system needs to change!!

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