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Coeur d’Alene vacation

Lillian and I went to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with Casey, Jin, Eric and Emily this past weekend to visit Casey’s father, Jon, and stepmother, Nan. It was a great trip. Jon and Nan are always so welcoming, and have such a beautiful home and loads of fun things to do.

We rode on a horse buggy, spent a ton of time floating in the lake, and did a little kayaking. All in all a super weekend!

I’ve put up a few short videos of our weekend.

Horses, horses, horses. Stormy and Dan were fun to play with the entire weekend. Here are a few from the back of the carriage.

Here’s one where Emily is giving Stormy a hug:

We spent a ton of time in Jon’s 1970s vintage motor boat. There were a few, shall we say “glitches”, but all in all, the boat treated us very well.

Here’s a short view of the channel.

Eric and Emily riding up on the bow as we go off into the sunset.

And finally, Casey drving the boat while Jon “directs.”

Of course, I’ll be putting a ton of pictures up on my Flickr photostream. So much fun.

Thanks again, Jon and Nan!

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