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The “big city” of Portland

When I was coming into the building this morning for work, there was a couple in the parking garage that were all aghast that they had to hand over their car keys to the parking attendant. Giving your keys to the parking attendant is required in my building if you’re blocking someone else in when you park. It’s not a huge deal to most people.

Yet, these folks were from Salem, and seemed to be bound and determined to be afraid of the “big city.” They rode the elevator up with me, and kept repeating their worries and itinerary to everyone in the elevator car.

“Oh, we’re just up here to check out our retirement with the PERS (public retirement plan) people and then we’re leaving right away!”

“I just don’t understand life in the ‘big city,’ that guy could steal everything out of our car while we’re gone!”

Good lord, people. Get over yourselves. I’m sure that you’ve heard all of the “bad” things that happen in Portland from the news, and immediately assume that every single one of them is going to happen to you while you’re up here. It’s a city, period.

As many bad things happen per capita in smaller towns. Heck, Salem is probably more dangerous per capita since the main jail and mental institution is there.

I repeat, get over it and simply relax. People are people everywhere, and those of us who happen to live in the big city aren’t all out to rob you blind, attack your grandmother and steal your organs. It’s your own xenophobia that your should be dealing with. Sheesh.

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  1. October 9, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Actually, with the meth epidemic that is occurring in rural Oregon, those Salem hicks are probably safer here than they are in their tucked-away little hovels.

    But, Jim, please speak for yourself when you say that we aren’t all out to rob them blind, attack their grandmothers, and steal their organs! 🙂

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