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2009 Grammy Awards – why oh why Neil

OK, I’ve had the Grammy Awards on in the background all night. It’s been occassionally entertaining. Of course, overall, I have a lack of appreciation for most popular music these days. It’s no surprise. I haven’t liked mainstream music much since I bought my first punk LP in high school.

I have one criticism that I’d like to lay out there about the performance by a man whom I’ve seen live. Heck, I saw him in my youth with my parents at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis back in the 80s. Yup, it’s Mr. Neil Diamond.

I for one was rather depressed when I saw his performance at the Grammys. He’s got an amazing voice, and while it might not be what it was back in his heyday, he’s at least still got one that he can use. When he talked his way through ‘Sweet Caroline’ it just made me depressed. He should be able to do much better than that. Good lord, Neil. It’s a great honot to perform at these events. Step up to the plate for gosh sakes.

Oh well, I’m still a fan. Will probably still go see Super Diamond the next time they swing through town. The ‘real’ Neil is way too expensive for my budget these days. And heck, if he’s going to walk his way through one of my favorite sing-a-longs, I would have been depressed to have shelled out so much for a ticket anyway.

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