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A weekend in the high desert

April 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Last weekend we took a quick trip out to Eastern Oregon to stay with friends at a home in the Black Butte Ranch resort community. It’s in a beautiful location, and we always enjoy getting out of town to spend quality time with friends. All of our lives are so busy these days, I really look forward to these little getaways.

We took a Saturday afternoon hike on the Metolius River from the campground to the Wizard Falls fish hatchery. Along the path we saw the awesome sight of a natural spring dumping out of the side of a hill into the river.

The Metolius is sure a fast-moving river.

Lillian found a cool wizard stick, proceeded to throw it into the river, and it came back to her. I think that we wore Andre out running to catch up to it.

A quick Star Wars Girl impression.

And the stick goes back from whence it came.

Finally, some of the semi-wild fish at one of the Wizard Falls hatchery ponds.