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PETA wants you to eat Frankenmeat

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Gotta love those wings that come from the test-tube birdsSo PETA has spoken. They’re looking for someone to create Frankenmeat™ for us to eat instead of yummy, yummy animals.

Here’s my prediction. If this succeeds, we’ll soon find after many years of eating replicated meat that we’ll find that our bodies do best when we’re given a variety of proteins, not just one singluar variety. It’s like a clearcut forest in that if all of the trees are of the same age that there will inevitably be a disease that only strikes trees that are of that age, and thus wipes out the entire forest. Plague of the future, I tell ya. Granted, our current lack of biodiversity in the food supply isn’t the best either. Bigger, badder, dumber and caged up doesn’t make things better.

Jim, prognositicator extrodinaire has spoken. 😉