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Suitcase Fusion 2 trailer – Bravefont

September 30, 2008 2 comments

So, here’s out newest promo for Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2. It was done for us by CMD right in our own fair city of Portland Oregon. It’s a funny little piece that was mostly created for the Press. We dropped a bit of audio at the end about calling our PR person for interviews, and thought that it would be fun for everyone else to see.

I put it up on both YouTube and competing online video provider, Viddler. I definitely prefer Viddler, but will double-post to YouTube just because they were one of the first on the scene and have an audience. Here is the video as it is posted to both sites. You can see just how much better Viddler’s compression is.

The Viddler version:

The YouTube Version

Though, I do have to say that embedding a Viddler video into a blog is a bit of a pain in the patoot. needs better conversion of the embed code into their proprietary embed string. They do it OK with YouTube, but not so much with Viddler.