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YouTube vs Viddler in the online video hosting game

February 1, 2008 1 comment

I had been posting all of my videos on YouTube for work. I recently put many of the videos about our new product up on Viddler. I discovered this site because TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) used it for all of their videos from Macworld. Viddler allows users to upload videos that are 500 MB, so it works rather well for longer presentations. I had cut all of these for Universal Type Server short because of YouTube’s 100 MB limit. Plus, YouTube compresses them soooooo much that it makes the screenshots almost unusable for computer shots.

Check out our videos:

I remember also checking out Vimeo a while back too, and they had some good features too.

The only benefit of going with YouTube right now is that they have the largest userbase, and that we are able to tap into the social marketing benefits of that userbase. I’m sure that the YouTube folks know this too – and thus there isn’t a real impetus to improve the quality of the videos, as it would just up their costs for hosting.

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